BN880-LTE Handset

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The BN-880 LTE handset is a bit of a different breed compared to other handsets BroadNet has supplied.

880__1_.pngMost notably the LTE has traded a touchscreen for raw rugged dependability.

This does however present a few challenges unique to this handset model, which is why we'll be going over some processes and features of the LTE in this help article.


This dial switches on the handset, and increases the volume the further up it is turned. To switch off the handset, simply turn it back down until it clicks.


Accept and Back

Much like on a button-based phone, the left is to accept or 'OK' and the right to go back.



This button controls scrolling through the menus. Press up or down to navigate, or press and hold to scroll continuously.



By default, when the handset is left idle for a time it will lock and turn the screen off to save power and prevent accidental button presses.
You will still be able to send and receive via PTT in the 'locked' state, but you will be unable to access the PTT menu.

To unlock the handset, press and hold the lock button until the handset states 'Keyboard unlocked'.


Access Settings Menu

On touchscreen handsets, the settings could be accessed by pressing on the top bar. On the LTE this menu is instead accessed by pressing the # key.


Channel Selection Dial

This dial allows the user to scroll through available channels without needing to go into the PTT menu. This feature will even work if the handset is locked, but won't work if you are in an options menu or if the app isn't loaded.


Depending on your handset, this may not be on by default. To check if it is enabled, please follow the steps below.

Enabling the Channel Selection Dial


Ensuring your handset is on and unlocked, press the # key to open the settings menu.



In the settings menu, select 'Options'.



In the Options menu, scroll down to "Allow Rotary Chan change" and tick the box next to it so the subtitle reads "Allow rotary".



Now navigate back to the main PTT menu by pressing the back button until you see the home screen.

Twist the Channel Selection Dial to test changing channels.



You should now see you have switched channels by looking at the channel indicator at the bottom of the menu. You should even hear the handset announce that you have changed channels.


If you are not able to switch channels this way after completing these steps, please ensure your organisation's channels are set up correctly.

Another problem that may occur is locking yourself out of the settings menu by erroneously rebinding the handset keys.

To fix this, we will need to reset your handset settings by erasing the app data.


To access system reset, highlight 'Rpt' in the home screen and press and hold the select button.



In the menu that appears, scroll all the way down to the bottom until 'ERASE DATA' is highlighted.

To continue, press the select button, and then again when prompted that this will "Delete app data".


Once the handset has done its thing, the app will have reverted back to a freshly-installed state, and you should be able to get back to normal operations once you have signed back in with a user.

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