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Modified on Thu, 19 Jan 2023 at 03:12 AM

The windows PTT console provides a radio solution for dispatch. It can integrate with dispatch or alone. If you set your dispatch user as a 'Base' you can make P2P calls via dispatch and communicate with your users using the windows solution also. 

You can now hide the EMG channels by clicking the Hide emg button. 

Resend Last - Key will Re Transmit the last transmitted message from the operator.
Dropdown will save these to one of the four TX pads. (You can set a name to these pads by typing it into the text edit box and using the drop down menu to set the Pad number title. For example "Coffee Brk")

Pressing the TX pads  will transmit that message on air.

RPT RX - This will repeat the last incoming message received.

It provides the ability to Scan Talkgroups, Provide broadcast capabilities over many talkgroups by 'Linking' them together - either permanently or temporarily. 

Click your TG you wish to operate on. Set the links, eg if you are on TG1, set a link for TG1 and TG2 and press SET LINK. Now you can tx on both talkgroups at once. They will be tied together. You will receive from both talkgroups.

When you are finished -Make sure the two links are still selected and click on Delete Link. 

Click onto a tg and use Check Links to show any set links for that Tg.

Select all the Talkgroups you wish to scan. 

Click SCAN
Scanning will stop temporarily when audio is heard onany tg. Click Stop on TG to stop and wither reply or listen. Click SCAN again to start. (You can stop a scan alsom by pressing a TG button)

You can set a global 'hotkey' of either CTRL T or CTRL NUMKEY 0 to be able to transmit on the system whilst in Dispatch or using any other app in Windows. 

The ctrl L key will repeat the last message received. 

It can receive photos from terminals and handle P2P calls either directly or via dispatch.  

Audio can be filtered in Settings to remove base frequencies for both incoming and/or outgoing audio. This is good for interfacing to a radio, using our "Intelligent VOX" which will monitor the audio and when switched will replace the lost audio just before the switchover. Together with the sub tone audio - there should be no need for a hardware interface - just a radio that uses vox. 

To download the software goto : https://aacnet.uk/BNsetup.zip 

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